You have probably heard of L Arginine and most of us know about its importance for the body, but L Arginine side effects should be mentioned and explained as well.  It is an amino acid which has an important role in eliminating ammonia (waste) out of the body.

It also takes part in nitric oxide and protein creating. It helps with heart problems (because it regulates blood flow), but regardless to that fact it should not be used by a person who have recently had a heart attack. It can also be helpful in tissue healing. It is believed to be helpful with conditions like high blood pressure or headache.

L-Arginine: Side Effects and Benefits

This substance is normally produced in kidneys and healthy person naturally has enough of L Arginine in the body. But if you suffer from serious infections, burns or wounds, it is necessary to take additional amounts of L Arginine. It can be found in certain foods like meat, soy, nuts, diary products and fish.

But there can be some side effects. First of all, it can affect one’s pressure and lower it which can further result in other conditions and cause nausea, weakness and headaches. In people who have had a heart attack, it can lead to heart problems so do not take it if you belong to this group. In some cases it may cause heartburn since it increases stomach acid. People who suffer from diabetes should not consume L Arginine because it can increase levels of sugar in blood. Pregnant women should not consume L Arginine. Patients who have genital herpes should not consume it because it can make their condition worse.

If you intend to use L Arginine for any reason, you should not start taking it without a previous talk to your doctor who is familiar with your health condition.