In case you are on liver treatment or any other therapy which includes the use of milk thistle, you should know something about milk thistle side effects. There are numerous studies on animals, demonstrating its effects.

Facts about Milk Thistle Side Effects

Milk thistle has been used for almost two thousand years especially in treating different liver diseases and conditions (liver inflammation, cirrhosis and liver damage or gallbladder infections). It cal also benefit in decreasing cholesterol levels and reducing possibilities for growth of cancer cells.

Milk thistle side effects are minor and not very common, but knowing them can help in some situations. Consuming milk thistle in great amounts can lead to minimal to severe headaches. This supplement can also cause mild laxative effect. Right after that, problems with gases may occur, upset stomach and bloating, too. You might also feel weak in general. As we said, laxative effects are mild, but if you experience diarrhea, you should stop using milk thistle and talk to your doctor. Other side effects (gas and abdominal discomfort) will also go away once you stop using milk thistle. However, if milk thistle is a part of your therapy, you should talk to your doctor before you stop using it. Your doctor will give you the best advice on how to reduce these side effects, or he can suggest some other remedy. Dose adjustment can solve the problem, but your doctor will decide about this.

Some patients have reported insomnia which can also lead to weakness, tiredness and fatigue. (We all know that insomnia affects the immune system as well). There were even few cases of impotency and sexual drive changes. Other side effects of milk thistle usage could be skin issues like rashes, problems related to heart, loss of appetite etc. All of these milk thistle side effects are usually mild and not too serious. However there can be rather annoying side effects like itching, lip swelling; swollen throat, tongue or even the whole face.

If you experience some of these side effects, you should contact your doctor. Keep in mind that lip swelling, throat swelling, face swelling and tongue swelling are signs of allergic reaction, so you should seek immediate medical help. These side effects are very rare, but they are possible. Some people are sensitive, without even knowing about it. Some remedies are considered very helpful and they have no side effects, but if you take large doses, you will have problems. This can be the case with any medication.

Breathing problems have been reported as well. Using anything in larger doses than prescribed is harmful. The same is with milk thistle. Do not consume it in larger amount than your body needs. There is a risk of an overdose and you might have problems. Do not forget to consult your doctor before you start using milk thistle. If you think that your doses need to be moderated, you should talk to your doctor about this.