Nitric oxide has become very popular supplement, but before you start using it, make sure to get the info on nitric oxide side effects. Bodybuilders often use this dietary supplement  in order to increase muscle blood flow.

Nitric Oxide Side Effects

Nitric oxide usually produces several changes, like considerable gain in muscle mass, quicker recovery and strength increase. That happens because body arteries get wider, blood flow increases which results in providing more oxygen and nutrients to body muscles.

In that way muscles become firmer and stronger. But in despite of all the positive sides of nitric oxide, you should get to know the side effects, too. Some of the most common side effects when using NO are nausea and mild headaches to migraines.  Some bodybuilders have felt weakness as well as diarrhea issues.

There were even collapse cases after starting consuming nitric oxide. Some of the common side effects are sudden changes in heart beat, dry mouth and irritation of skin. Sometimes the body can keep certain supplies of water that are not actually needed.  Nitric oxide side effects can be real dangerous if Nitric oxide is taken in large amounts. That can lead to breathing problems, vomiting, itching, possible asthma etc. The worst thing about collapse is that you never know when and where it will happen. You can simply collapse and fall from height, so it can turn fatal. Keep in mind that these side effects can be quite unpredictable. A collapse can happen anytime and anywhere.

Those can be followed by an increased sweating right after taking this dietary supplement. You should be aware that there could be serious health problems. In some cases, there can be sudden blood pressure changes and it can result in death (due to extremely low blood pressure). Most people believe that high blood pressure is more dangerous than low blood pressure. This is wrong. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can cause severe damage to the cardiovascular system, and it can lead to death, but low blood pressure is equally dangerous. This is called “hypotension”. It can result in death, as well. Some people naturally have lower blood pressure (than normal), so if you belong to this group, you should not use nitric oxide or any other similar supplement.

According to some studies, 13% of bodybuilders using nitric oxide have had hypotension. Also pay attention to any symptom of hyperglycemia. Even after getting to know these nitric oxide side effects, don’t be afraid to ask for an expert opinion if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. Athletes often believe that “it won’t happen to them”, mostly because they are aware of the fact that they are in good shape. However, your body strength has nothing to do with this. Therefore, you should be very careful. It is not enough to talk to another athlete about this. Different people have different reactions, so you should definitely talk to your doctor. If you have ever had any health problems, make sure to consult your doctor about any supplement.

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Nitric Oxide Side Effects