Before saying anything about nuclear stress test side effects, let’s explain nuclear stress test first. This test is designed to show your heart details. This way your doctor can determine irregularities regarding your heart or arteries.

How does this test actually look like? First, metal electrodes are attached to the chest and back of the patient; then the patient will have to run on a treadmill. While he is running, the electrocardiogram is recording the entire activity. After that, the patient will get an injection and then the pictures of his/her heart will be taken. This injections contain small amounts of radioactive substances which is a reason why people believe this test is harmful for the body. However, experts agree that these amounts are too small to harm any patient.

Although this test is useful for many reasons, it also has its side effects. Some of the following effects may occur:

Headache – it can be mild or quite severe and last for a couple of hours. This side effect is common among patients. It can be accompanied by nausea.

Pain in chest – another common side effect which appears shortly after the test, but soon disappears.

Breathing difficulties and heart rate changes – both of which come to normal after a while.

Some of the patients may experience bitter taste in their mouth.

All of these side effects are just temporary and they vanish in relatively short time. But before going for this test, make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions. He will probably tell you not to drink or eat anything 4 hours before your test begins. Also you will be told not to take any medicines and to wear sports clothes appropriate for running. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before deciding to take this test. Also, if you are very ill, talk to your doctor about some other option.