When it comes to pneumonia vaccine side effects, there is a debate whether this vaccine can cause serious side effects or not. Companies that are producing the vaccine claim that its negative side effects are within the tolerable limits and cannot cause any serious problems.

Pneumonia Vaccine and side effects

Pneumonia is a lung disease. It actually means that lung tissue is inflamed. Bacteria that is responsible for this disease is Streptococcus pneumoniae. Vaccine is called pneumococcal vaccine. It is very important to get this vaccine, especially for older people, because their immune system is not that strong and cannot deal with a disease like pneumonia. It can even have a fatal outcome. Mild effects include swelling, soreness and redness at spot where the vaccine was injected, minor fatigue or loss of appetite, sometimes mild fever. Severe side effects are very rare.

Fever is very uncommon and so is the swelling of an arm or muscle aches. This is reported in less than 1 percent of all the patients that get the shot. On the other hand, we have lots of worried parents who are refusing to receive the shot or let their children get the shot. As a reason for rejecting the vaccine they give countless side effects.

Other side effects of vaccine except those described in this text haven’t been
encountered yet in the testing of the vaccines. Some people claim that there were even several deaths from pneumonia after getting a vaccine. But the truth is there were no cases of anybody dying of pneumonia caused by the vaccine. This cannot happen because the vaccine is not made from the virus or bacteria that cause pneumonia.

However, since some of these vaccines are made to protect us against the specific types of bacteria or viruses, pneumonia could be caused by some type that is resistant to vaccine.