If you are a probiotics consumer, you should be aware of the probiotics side effects.

Side effects Probiotic supplements

According to the definition, probiotics are live microorganisms considered healthy. The most common types are bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria. Probiotics are mostly consumed through fermented foods. The benefits may include lowering cholesterol, colon cancer preventing, lowering blood pressure, improving immune system, reducing diarrhea, helping with urogenital problems, helping in colitis treating.

Probiotics are prescribed to people who have problems with digestion; nevertheless, they can cause following problems:

– Bloating
– Diarrhea
– Gas
– Problems with fungal infections (related to immune system weakening)
– Metabolism changes
РSome tests and experiments have shown that probiotics consumption in certain categories of patients  may cause severe problems not to say fatal ones. For example, people who were already seriously ill and consumed probiotics had severe immunity problems after taking them, which in some cases turned to be fatal. Even though this is quite rare, it still proves that one should be careful with probiotics.

There are not so many severe side effects caused by probiotics consuming, and if they do show up, they usually go away without leaving any consequences. This refers to the majority of consumers. Still, there are people who do not tolerate probiotics, so you should make sure you do not fall into this group before you start taking them. And the only way to do it is to visit your doctor who will make relevant analysis and tests to determine whether your digestive organs are too sensitive or not.

If you have any kind of food allergy or have difficulties in digestion, you should be careful with probiotics equally as with certain types of food.

Also, probiotics effects are not studied enough yet – there is still much to find out about them. So what ever you do, talk to your specialist about it first.