Red Bull is sold all over the world and many people consume it without even wondering about its side effects. This energy drink is popular among all kinds of people, especially young people who often go out at night and stay awake for long time.

Side Effects of Red Bull Energy Drink

It contains considerable amount of caffeine. But it is not the main problem. This can lead to irritability and nervousness, but can also result in cardiovascular complications in people who already suffer from these issues.

When it comes to other side effects they are quite unpleasant, well, there can be changes in one’s mood, hallucinating, paranoid behavior and other behavioral disorders. These are not seen in many cases, but there is still risk for certain groups of consumers. Sometimes side effects can be rather unpredictable, so it is recommended to have just a little if consuming it for the first time and see how the body reacts.

What was quite disturbing is the fact that some energy drinks have been connected to a few deaths due to very high level of caffeine contained in them. This was the very reason why France banned Red Bull selling. The matter came in front of the European Court of Justice which declared that the French authorities could ban it since there was a reason for worry. Caffeine amount in Red Bull is very large and that is not the only thing to be concerned about. Taurine amount in this energy drink can also cause problems in certain group of consumers. Some experts have stated that no one can really tell how much of taurine is really too much. According to them, this can not be precisely determined, but it is true that large amounts affect one’s body.

Be careful with any energy drink and do not consume too much of everything. This refers to people who are perfectly healthy. If one has health problems, it is not recommended to use those drinks without consulting his doctor.