Regardless to all the good sides of this supplement, be sure to read about spirulina side effects . You should be aware of all possible risks. Read the following article to get the whole picture.

Spirulina side effects

For over thirty years spirulina has been widely used as a nutrition supplement all over the world. It is actually a blue alga which grows in alkaline waters. Spirulina is a great source of numerous different nutrients, over one hundred of them. It is rich in vegetable proteins,vitamins, minerals etc.

It is especially useful for people who are on vegetarian diet and lack some ingredients.  Spirulina is also very good for teenagers and pregnant women, because both of these groups need extra nutrients. Knowing that this is natural dietary supplement, not many cases of spirulina side effects were reported.

Spirulina overdose is practically impossible, although some people are allergic to spirulina itself. In those cases, people may experience annoying skin rashes. Having less than 50 grams spirulina per day shouldn’t make any side effects. Due to the fact it contains almost 70 percent of proteins, some people have reported fever.

This happens because human body is trying to process extra ingredients in such a way it produces some extra heat. Feeling of great excitement or insomnia can go along with fever. The ones who have conditions related to gastric problems or intestinal gas issues may get stomachache, constipation or diarrhea, gases, hiccups etc. Some patients have felt very sleepy, weak or just tired, while others have had problems with dizziness or nausea.

Overweight people using spirulina may experience increased water supplies in their body (edema), which may look like they have gained some weight. It happens because water stays in the body in greater amounts than normal. The ones who do not have enough red blood cells may have mild nasal bleeding, which is common in women. Take all of these spirulina side effects into consideration before deciding how much or in what form you’ll begin using it.