In case you are planning to start using sweeteners instead of sugar, make sure to get some info on truvia side effects before your final decision.

Truvia side effects

Truvia is a type of sweetener made of Stevia leaves. The company that produces truvia claims that these natural sweetening products are made of the sweetest parts of Stevia leaves, which makes one package of truvia equal to two teaspoons of sugar.

Many various companies use this sweetening ingredient in their popular foods, sodas and juices. The studies of truvia side effects are still in progress. Some users have already noticed certain side effects. There are reports showing that some countries are considering banning truvia usage in all drinks and foods. The whole picture will be much clearer after more studies are done and published.

The most common truvia side effects are gastrointestinal. In case you are consuming it in very large amounts, this food supplement may cause gas and uncomfortable bloating. Hard stools and constipation may occur in some cases. Although there are not any proofs that truvia causes headaches, there were patients who experienced mild headaches, weakness and felt exhausted. So if you are using truvia you should know that there can be allergic reactions.

If you experience any suspicious truvia side effects, please consult your physician in order to get the best possible advice or get your treatment in time. If already using truvia when preparing your food or drinks, make sure not to exaggerate. Sugar is not healthy, but that doesn’t mean that the sweeteners are. None of those are actually healthy, especially if using them in large amounts. Some people choose to use artificial sweeteners in order to avoid sugar and lose some weight. In some diets sugar is strictly forbidden, so people often start using sweeteners instead of sugar. But it doesn’t mean that you will lose weight, since some of these artificial sweeteners can make  your metabolism slow.