Before we describe valerian root side effects, let’s say something about Valerian first.It is a plant which blooms during the summer period in the northern hemisphere. An interesting fact about Valerian is that the sixteen century perfume makers used it to produce their perfumes.

In medial vocabulary, Valerian is a root of the same plant which is processed in order to produce sedative pills.Valerian sedatives are widely used because of their natural origins. Also, valerian root is used in treating insomnia.

Valerian Root :  Side Effects and Benefits

Still, there can be side effects that can occur in cases of large doses or if using it for too long. Such effects are apathy, depression, dizziness, anxiety, and stomachaches. In very few cases there were allergies (rashes). Because of its relaxing effects, Valerian shouldn’t be consumed by people who drive any type of vehicle or doing anything that requires quick reaction or can be risky in any manner. In some cases, there was a lack of concentration, slow reaction, feeling asleep and even problems to remember things on a day level.
It is very important to say that people who consume valerian should not use other antidepressants or alcohol. For example, if you are a Valium consumer, do not take valerian root then. The same rule refers to those who use opiates or barbiturates. If using valerian root together with those substances, it could give you a serious heart troubles.
In some cases, valerian root, being a diuretic, can make body lose considerable water supplies. What happens sometimes is that prolonged using of valerian root causes insomnia and makes quite the opposite effect from what it should have done in the first place.
So what can you do to make taking valerian root easier for your daily functioning? Well, for start visit the doctor and consult him about it. Ask all the relevant questions and do not forget to mention important facts about your health. If you are taking medications, be sure to mention that. Also, taking valerian root an hour before you go to sleep might be helpful.